Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fwd: ThinkHealhBC (Discussion Post Comment Deleted)

Just when I thought things were looking better due to the fact I had been invited to participate in their Discussion Forum.... Another punch in the gut for me by the BC Government (the only consolation being that maybe it will help reduce some of my belly fat...).  

They seem to think my posting constitutes "spam" and that one is not allowed to discuss any products or services (such as Wellness Programs that can improve health).... or (get this) even have a link to ones  personal website... it is no wonder that after 6 months of operation not many people are using their "Discussion" Forum.... so much for "open" government... it is no wonder our healthcare system is in such a mess...

Regarding Wellness Programs, the BC Government has started offering a form of them itself in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society (see, and there is nothing wrong with this.  All I am saying is that the private (business) sector should be included, as it has a lot to offer as well...  Or are they too afraid to deal with the BC Liberals these days ?

I admit that my original proposal back in 2009 to TransLink was a business proposal, or at least a recommendation to explore business opportunities in the Wellness Field... including I might add, an exploration of controversial areas such as the regulation and taxation of "vice"-industries, some of  which are not even currently regulated (or taxed).  But, I believe that by now my ideas have become much more than that...

A copy of my comment can be seen below (in bold), let me know what you think....

I have copied the "Ambassador" on this email in the hopes that it will be directed to the proper "Diplomatic" channels...  so that they may be shaken (as well as stirred) - to act....

To the Journey !

Rick Orser
P: 604-325-0725

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Dear Rick Orser,

Thank you for submitting your comment to the ThinkHealthBC discussion forum.
Unfortunately we've had to remove your comment, as it doesn't meet our Moderation Policy/Terms of Reference(*will be hyperlinks). We remove posts that:

·         Constitute spam, promote services, products, or personal websites

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Hello Rita,  thank-you for your wonderful posting, I could not have said it better myself.  See my proposal for a Wellness Program that could not only help improve and maintain peoples health and in doing so help reduce healthcare costs, but also reduce traffic congestion and air pollution and help fund transit at the same time - TransLink Wellness-Hub Campaign -

BC Ministry of Health

Angela French, Ambassador
ThinkHealthBC~Ministry of Health
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